Terms of Use - Geras Solutions / Minnesmottagningen 

1. Applicability and scope

1. These terms of use ("Terms") apply to all services provided by Geras Solution AB, org. nr. 559025-3828, Norrtullsgatan 6, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden, via the App and our websites www.gerassolutions.com and
("Websites"). If you choose to use any of our services (the "Services"), you will be asked to accept these Terms and Conditions, either when you visit our Sites or download the App. The Terms are between Geras Solutions, and the user/patient who registers as an account holder ("User") of our Services.

1.2 Geras Solutions is working to improve the lives of those people who are directly or indirectly affected by cognitive impairment and cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer's. Through the app Minnesmottagningen (the "App"), we provide an easy way for you to make a digital assessment of memory and other cognitive functions.

1.3 Geras Solutions is the provider of the platform provided by Minnesmottagningen as a healthcare provider. Minnesmottagningen is therefore responsible for the care provided. The user enters into the agreement with Geras Solutions by creating a user account. By creating the user account, the user accepts these Terms and Conditions.

1.4 Geras Solutions shall not be used in situations requiring emergency medical care. In an emergency, you should always call 112 or go to the nearest emergency room.

1.5 You can rest assured that we will always make sure to provide the best possible service in a way that respects you and your privacy. For more information about how we process your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

1.6 We hope the Terms and Conditions will answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions, you are always more than welcome to contact us via our contact form on our Websites or directly to admin@gerassolutions.com.

2. Our Partners

You may access our Services through one of our partners, such as a healthcare provider, insurance company, employer, or other organization ("Partner"). Additional terms and conditions may apply in these cases. It is our Partner's responsibility to provide such terms to you, if applicable, and you should check with them directly.

3. Registration

3.1 The first time you use the Service, you will register your user details. You can then log in with your Bank ID. 

3.2 To register an account, you must be at least sixteen years old and have a BankID for identification purposes.

4. User's responsibility

4.1 The User is responsible for using the Services in accordance with the Terms and applicable regulations. A user account may only be used by the person who registered the account. If you become aware that someone else has gained access to data or your Bank ID, you must immediately notify Geras Solutions at admin@gerassolutions.com.

4.2 A prerequisite for Geras Solutions to be able to provide you with the right guidance and advice is that the information you provide by answering the questionnaires or in other contact with us, corresponds with reality. The User is solely responsible for the information that it adds to the Services.

4.3 By registering, the User confirms that the contact details provided are correct and that these may be used by Geras Solutions to communicate with the User by email, telephone and other means of communication. You must immediately notify Geras Solutions if anything has changed or will change regarding the information you have registered with Geras Solutions such as, but not limited to, name, email, telephone number, address, credit card details, etc.

4.4 Geras Solutions takes any violation of these Terms or applicable regulations very seriously. You may not transmit data to Geras Solutions (i) that you are not authorized to distribute under the Terms or any applicable laws and regulations from time to time, (ii) that contains viruses or other malicious software in a manner that may cause damage to Geras Solutions or its Services, (iii) that directly or indirectly infringes the intellectual property rights of another by you or another, (iv) that may otherwise harm Geras Solutions.

4.5 Upon discovery of any interruption or failure in the availability of the Services, the User shall immediately contact Geras Solutions at admin@gerassolutions.com.

4.5 By registering, the User accepts the technical limitations set forth by Geras Solutions in the Terms. The User also confirms that it understands that the App is not to be used for emergency care or to be seen as a substitute for other care. The User acknowledges that it understands that it is not possible to provide a diagnosis via the App. Further medical examination, including blood tests and X-rays, is required to establish a possible diagnosis. Our tool only provides a basis and tips on how to take care of your brain.

5. Geras Solutions responsibility

5.1 We are responsible for ensuring that the healthcare professionals working at Minnesmottagningen hold valid licenses and insurance in accordance with the applicable requirements. Furthermore, we are responsible for ensuring that the healthcare professionals with whom you come into contact through our Services are sufficiently competent.

5.2 Geras Solutions is responsible for ensuring that the Services are performed in accordance with the mandatory laws and regulations applicable to the Services from time to time.

5.3 Geras Solutions aims to ensure that the Services will be highly available at all times but cannot guarantee that the use of our Services will be without disruption, that the servers required for the Services will be free of malicious components or that Geras Solutions will be able to rectify faults within a certain time.

5.4 Geras Solutions is not responsible for content linked to or from the Services.

5.5 Geras Solutions is not responsible for interruptions in availability caused by failures in the User's equipment, connecting networks, etc. Geras Solutions is also not responsible for failures caused by other circumstances for which the User is responsible.

5.6 Geras Solutions is not responsible for technical malfunctions, loss of your data or for any other errors related to the Services. Subject to mandatory legislation, Geras Solutions is not obliged to pay compensation due to errors in the Geras Solutions Services.

6. Prices and payment

6.1 Prices and fees for our Services are set out in the price list in force at the time, which you will always find in the App or on our website. 

7. Intellectual property rights

7.1 Ownership, copyright and all other rights in the Geras Solutions trademark, the Services and related documents provided in the Services belong exclusively to Geras Solutions. Any copying, modification or other unauthorized use is prohibited and Geras Solutions reserves the right to take legal action in the event of unauthorized use.

8. Termination and amendment

8.1 You agree to abide by these Terms until further notice after you have registered an account with Geras Solutions. Both Geras Solutions and you may, at any time, terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. If you wish to have your user account deleted, please contact admin@gerassolutions.com.

8.2 Geras Solutions has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and to suspend Users who are deemed to be misusing Geras Solutions' Services or violating its Terms and Conditions.

8.3 The User who has been suspended in accordance with paragraph 8.2 above is not entitled to register a new account without the prior written consent of Geras Solutions.

9. Force Majeure

9.1 In the event that Geras Solutions' provision of the Services or performance of these Terms and Conditions is substantially impeded or rendered impossible due to circumstances beyond Geras Solutions' control (such as, but not limited to, labor dispute, fire, natural disaster, terrorist attack, change in government regulations, pandemic or epidemic) or due to failure of service by Geras Solutions' suppliers due to such circumstance, this shall constitute a ground for relief and shall not entail any liability for Geras Solutions to pay compensation or any other consequences whatsoever.

10. Personal data

10.1 For more information on how we process your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. The latest version can be found on our Websites and in the App. In the Privacy Policy we describe in more detail how we process your personal data, for what purposes and we also tell you what rights you have and how these rights can be exercised.

11. cookies

11.1 Geras Solutions Websites use cookies. For more information about our cookie policy, please see our Cookie Policy.

12. Other

12.1 Geras Solutions has the right to assign the Terms and Conditions, including the related rights and obligations, to another party.

12.2 Users do not have the right to assign their rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions to another party.

12.3 Geras Solutions always has the right to change the provision of Services or terminate the provision of Services by Geras Solutions at any time.

12.4 We encourage you to read these Terms carefully. The Terms may be updated from time to time. However, we will notify you if we make material changes that require your consent.

13. Disputes

13.1 The Agreement is governed by Swedish law. Disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by a general court with the Stockholm District Court as first instance.
These Terms of Use were last updated on 2022-07-21
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