We work to improve the lives of the millions of people who are directly or indirectly affected by cognitive impairment and cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease.

We do this by providing an easy path for an initial assessment and support for further investigation, but also advice on brain health and how to reduce the risk of impaired cognition.

We strengthen healthcare with better tools for higher quality, more equal care and by ensuring that healthcare resources are used in a more optimal way. In the long term, we want to limit the burden that cognitive disorders impose on patients, relatives, healthcare and society at large.

Minnesmottagningen is a registered healthcare provider with IVO through Geras Solutions AB.


Rickard Forsman
Simon Körösi
Medical officer of health
Karin Evenholt
Growth and Customer Success
Mårten Fällman
Chief Medical Officer
Victor Bloniecki Kallio
Medical doctor and research manager
Anette Wiklund
Specialist Physician
Paula Akerman
Simona Petrovici
Specialist Physician
Karin Rudling
Specialist Physician
Linda Hildebeck
Specialist Nurse
Kristina Iritz
Specialist Nurse
Keivan Javanshiri
Emma Hellmark
Occupational therapist
Yevhenii Baranchykov
Full-stack developer
Vitalii Svinchyak
Full-stack developer
Fahima Sharegh

Work with us!

We are continuously looking for new talented and driven members for our team.


Advisory Board

Johan Sundelöf
Specialist in geriatrics and palliative medicine
Ragnar Åstrand
Specialist in geriatrics/cognitive medicine
Paul Beatus
Catalyst for Digital Innovation, H2 Health Hub
Per Båtelson
Swedish health leaders and
Göran Hagman
Neuropsychologist, Karolinska University Hospital

Board members

Bo Mattsson
Louis Mörnesten
Petra Tegman
Pontus Barrné

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113 29 Stockholm
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