Capio partners with Geras Solutions for digitised dementia assessments

Capio, Sweden's largest private healthcare provider, has signed an agreement with Geras Solutions. Capio aims to make healthcare more accessible, both in digital and physical clinics. Starting in September, it will test a new care flow with the aim of supporting and relieving the care centres in the basic dementia assessment. The new flow will be made possible with the help of Capio Hemma and Geras Solutions digital tools. Capio Närsjukvård has about 900,000 patients listed at about 110 care centres in 13 regions in Sweden. Capio Hemma consists of a digital care team with district nurses and specialist nurses who, among other things, monitor chronically ill patients.

The collaboration will be done through a pilot to evaluate and with the hope of then implementing the new care flow in the whole country. With the new care flow, patients with concerns about memory problems will be able to be referred to Capio Hemma. In a first step, patients will have direct contact with a nurse via video call. They will then be guided through the more comprehensive assessment. Patients can then complete the assessment themselves, or with the help of a family member, from home via the app - Minnesmottagningen. Following a review of medical history, screening for a range of related conditions, cognitive testing and review of family members' views on symptom development, the evidence is reviewed. This is followed by a follow-up meeting with the doctor at the health centre where the results are discussed and any further investigation and care interventions are planned.

Through the collaboration with Geras Solutions, we offer our patients the possibility of a faster assessment of memory impairment and suspected cognitive disorders. The digital dementia detection service is a fitting complement to our home monitoring service, Capio Hemma. A long-term goal is also to shorten the investigation time and offer more patients in need a timely investigation, says Ali Rezai, Head of Digitalization at Capio Proximity Care AB.

We think it's great to be able to work with Capio to drive the development of healthcare in this way. In the long run, it will enable better accessibility and quality for a large number of patients. We also believe that together with Capio we will help to secure the future of care in this area where patient growth is high. The pressure on investigations is also expected to increase as the stigma decreases and new and better treatment methods may be available in the relatively near future," says Rickard Forsman, CEO of Geras Solutions.  

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