"Test your memory without having to visit a doctor!" Henrik Frenkel in his blog and podcast for Alzheimer Life

"Test your memory without visiting a doctor!"

"I've tested the app Minnesmottagningen .se and interviews in my podcast two of the founders. We tell you how a so-called cognitive test is done, from ear to loaf. On an outer level, it feels like an hour in kindergarten. But just wait... Like when all of a sudden it gets shiny in your head and you feel like an idiot. But it's useful. And a little scary when, like me, you find out the result at the end of the podcast conversation."

Henrik Frenkel interviews Rickard Forsman and Johan Sundelöf about Minnesmottagningen .se in his blog and podcast for Alzheimer Life.

Read and listen to the full episode here: Alzheimer Life (SOUNDCLOUD / Spotify)

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