Region Östergötland tests new innovative care flow together with Geras Solutions

Region Östergötland is starting to test a digitalised care process for memory assessments with Geras Solutions. The pilot is being run as part of clinical routine to evaluate how well digital tools can be integrated into the business and what support it provides for dementia assessments and follow-up of patients. The work in the clinic is team-based with a doctor, nurse, and occupational therapist as well as access to a counsellor and neuropsychologist. The clinic works closely with other care providers to find individual solutions to help patients and their families. The assessment includes a thorough review of the patient's medical history and identification of symptoms, cognitive testing and a questionnaire for relatives. This will now be done digitally. Other tests, examinations and tests will be carried out at the clinic.

The aspects evaluated are ease of use, clinical precision and effectiveness as well as accessibility aspects. The aim is to have a basis for making decisions on the Minnesmottagningen regarding the desire to introduce new working methods with digital support for dementia investigations and follow-up of patients with dementia in the region on a larger scale.

Problems/needs underlying the project

- A growing number of patients with mild symptoms are worried and ask to be examined

- Need to be able to share test results digitally between different healthcare providers and to be able to analyse test results on a large scale (e.g. trend analysis)

- Need for early diagnosis. This need is also increasing as new medicines are being developed.


Expected benefits from new approach

- Time saved for patients and healthcare professionals as the test can be done by the patient at home

- Saved resources such as premises and travel

- To be able to offer tests to patients at an early stage and thus be able to make an early diagnosis

- Providing more equitable care

- A more seamless collaboration with the municipality and primary care by performing the tests digitally

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