Collaboration between the Dementia Association and enables better support for patients and families

The Dementia Association and Geras Solutions - through, are working together to support patients and families in getting in touch with the right help. The need for guidance and support for individuals and families affected by cognitive disorders is remarkably high. In Sweden, about 160,000 people are currently living with dementia and about 25,000 individuals are diagnosed each year. At the same time, needs are growing steadily with an ageing population.

The Dementia Association was founded in 1984 and is today, with almost 9,000 members, Sweden's largest organization for people with dementia and their relatives. The aim is to improve conditions for people with dementia and their families, and to make this possible there are unique support activities in the 110 dementia associations that work voluntarily around the country. is Sweden's only and the world's first digital clinic that helps patients with a cognitive assessment from home. By making comprehensive assessment more accessible, the aim is to ensure that more people can be offered the right care and treatment in time. As part of the collaboration with the Dementia Association, patients and relatives are also referred to local associations where, if necessary, it is possible to receive additional support in addition to the actual assessment.  

We see a large number of patients who benefit greatly from the support available from the Dementia Association," says Mårten Fällman, Medical Director at

The Dementia Association comes into contact with many individuals and family members who have concerns about apparent memory problems. In these cases, it is important to find out the cause. In order to give more patients the opportunity for a good investigation, the Dementia Association therefore highlights the new digital investigation option as an alternative to seeking help via a health center.    

The Dementia Association welcomes the fact that it is now possible to carry out memory assessments online as a complement to the more traditional ways of carrying out assessments. We see that there is great value and security in being able to sit at home in peace and quiet, do tests and answer questions. This method also makes it possible to access a memory assessment regardless of where you live in Sweden. Something that unfortunately is not obvious today as it looks very different in the country. There is still a stigma surrounding cognitive disorders that can make care recipients reluctant to undergo a memory assessment via their local health center. For these people, it may feel better to do the first assessment at home, which also frees up resources for the staff at the health center, says Noomi Hertzberg-Öberg, Dementia Association.

The availability of investigations is hugely uneven across the country. With digitalized assessments, we have the opportunity to help people no matter where they live. In collaboration with the Danish Dementia Association, and many of the other organizations working for the same cause, we hope to empower patients and relatives to a better quality of life, says Rickard Forsman, CEO of Geras Solutions and

Local associations of the Dementia Association - Link

Dementia Association counseling - tel 010-175 50 56


In addition to working with the Danish Dementia Association, also works with Alzheimer Sweden, which can also provide digital advice and activities in local associations.  

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