Vinnova grants funding of SEK 40 million to research consortium - Geras Solutions to be used to help 10,000 patients

Karolinska Institutet is the coordinator of PREDEM – precision diagnostics, treatment of cognitive diseases and prevention of dementia development. In this innovation environment, regions, companies and interest groups will work together for five years to introduce new tools and ways of working for early detection, precision diagnostics, prevention and treatment of dementia.

PREDEM aims to counteract the development of dementia by introducing new methods for early detection and investigation, accurate diagnostics and personalised prevention and treatment. Prediction models and decision support for personalised prevention and treatment will be developed, as well as methods for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of new diagnostic and treatment strategies as well as new payment models to ensure fast and equal access to cost-effective treatment.

More accurate forecasting models can facilitate the timely application of the right prevention and treatment efforts, and thus make the best use of healthcare and society's resources. In the longer term, these measures are expected to lead to fewer people with incipient cognitive failure developing dementia.

Geras Solutions contributes with digital platform, technical leadership, training, implementation support and data collection for analysis. The goal is to include 10,000 patients during the project. Geras Solutions will also be involved in ongoing dialogue on further digitization of healthcare processes.

Based on the results generated within PREDEM, Geras Solutions will be able to further refine diagnostic precision and gradually provide additional analyses related to disease type etc. This strengthened ability will benefit healthcare providers and patients who use a digital process.

- We are very pleased with this investment. In Sweden, we are well placed to benefit from the progress made in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. With PREDEM, we want to help ensure that these are used more quickly, and to increase knowledge about which preventive measures and treatments are most beneficial for each individual,says Linus Jönsson, associate professor of health economics at Karolinska Institutet is the initiator of the environment

"The investment in PREDEM means that, among other things, with studies of biomarkers in people with cognitive symptoms and data from the world's largest quality register SveDem, we are refining precision-based diagnostics and person-centered care and treatment in Alzheimer's disease with the goal of reducing the risk of falling ill and slowing down the disease process. It is also important to ensure that knowledge benefits healthcare and the individual,"says Maria Eriksdotter, Professor of Geriatrics at Karolinska Institutet and Senior Physician at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge and Registrar of the Swedish Register of Cognitive Diseases/Dementias, SveDem.


Part of national Vinnova initiative

PREDEM is one of a total of eleven innovation environments that are part of a Vinnova-funded investment in precision health. An initiative that will pave the way for more preventive, accurate and equal healthcare. In total, this amounts to SEK 323 million.

The actors included in PREDEM are: Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, Institute of Health Economics, Swedish Dementia Centre, Dementia Association, Migration School in Region Skåne, Academic Primary Care Centre in Region Stockholm, Region Värmland, DigitalWell Arena, Geras Solutions AB, MindMore AB and Roche AB.

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