New qualitative study shows a time-efficient and safe way to diagnose patients with cognitive impairment

University West has published a qualitative study where Geras Solutions' cognitive test has been evaluated. 15 subject experts in the field of dementia and healthcare professionals who have used Geras Solutions' tool have undergone structured interviews about their experience of the digital tool. Both the caregivers and the expert group are highly positive about the tool and see multiple benefits of the Geras Solutions cognitive test for screening of cognitive impairment.

Strengths that emerge from the study include improved diagnostic ability and increased opportunities to identify early dementia, especially in severe cases and in younger individuals. The tool is described as extremely time-efficient and resource-saving by better selecting patients in need of more detailed investigation and reducing both the workload for healthcare professionals and costs for society. The healthcare staff also emphasized that the tool provides greater opportunities for standardization of the care process, which enables equal care for all patients throughout the country. The ability to follow the progression of cognitive impairment over time was also highlighted as a major strength.

Finally, both patients and their families had a positive experience with Geras Solutions' digital tools.

Many thanks to the authors Ann Svensson, Linn Gustavsson, Irene Svenningsson, Christina Karlsson and Tina Karlsson and all those who contributed time for interviews.

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